Product & Concept Test

“If you don’t like testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.”

Product & Concept Test

Launching a new product and concept involves heavy efforts and costs incurred in research and development. It is must to be updated in the market by bringing new technologies and products so that companies should not get obsolete. Product and concept testing allows companies to understand the acceptability before directly entering into the market. It is a research methodology that leads the company to collect qualitative and quantitative information about consumer’s potential consumption/usage behavior, preferences, and reactions on a product. Product Test and concept test aids in understanding the viability of the product or concept.

We at Chromatus will offer you a complete proven methodology of product and concept testing which will give you actionable results before entering into the market.

We will not only provide you the research results but also would comment on the probability of product success in the market. Chromatus holds a huge database of working on such studies which will act as a benchmark for determining the results.

Chromatus conducts product tests/concept tests in both the formats.

  • IHUT: In-Home Usage Test: This research is conducted at consumer’s home with the Panel Data
  • Central Location Test (CLT): This research is conducted in controlled environment

Below are the major elements of product and concept testing which acts an initiation point for before directly stepping into market.

  • Overall product/concept reaction measurement
  • Product/Concept require improvement or not based on the test results
  • Consumer’s reaction to the concept/product (acceptability, desirability, interest)
  • Product orientation and market orientation for the concept/product
  • Likelihood to purchase product/concept
  • Identification of target group
  • Product/Concept Enhancement
  • Customer satisfaction

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