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Social responsibility is the responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour that is consistent with sustainable development and the welfare of society

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is considered to be the way any company integrates its social, environmental, and economic concerns. Moreover, how it aligns with their values, culture, decision making, business strategies, and operations in a more transparent and accountable manner for creating the brand position and improving society. In the last decade, the concept of sustainable development becomes more significant, and how the marketers are addressing the question is becoming a factor of CSR.


Most of the companies are engaged in CSR activities however very few are successful in bringing the sustainable impact of their efforts. Chromatus holds a strong experience of a decade in CSR consulting and our expertise will definitely bring positive results to your investments. Chromatus will partner with you and provide a complete modus operandi and data-driven decisions.

The running of successful CSR operations from start to end will differ for each entity, which is dependent on a number of factors such as company size, product or services offered, employee benefit schemes, brand value, location, stakeholder relations, leadership team, and business reputation. In the last decade, CSR’s successful implementations also played a key role in building strong brand perception in the end user’s mind.

The operational assistance by Chromatus – CSR majorly revolves around the fact that the firms can outsource the operations to us in order to focus on their core business activities. We will help you in collecting and analyzing data in order to create a sustainable model for the beneficiaries in order to create wealth for companies and for society. The data-driven decisions by Chromatus in project implementation will garner to anticipate and address issues associated with their relations with other stakeholders to succeed in their business endeavors.

Key potential benefits for firms implementing CSR include:

In recent years, top investors and consumers are considering high weightage on the social commitment of any company’s commitment to socially responsible practices prior to making an investment or purchase. Chromatus has identified key stakeholders and has successfully implemented CSR activities across India with the help of its research, consulting, and operations team.

The modern tools & techniques along effective usage of Social Media in identifying the consumer sentiments have helped us to design a strategy that will be beneficial for any marketer on a longer run. The idea of partnering in CSR activities with Chromatus has created a deep impact on the marketer’s mind. Moreover, we help in auditing the CSR activities which help in tracking the sustainable model on taking long term strategic decisions.

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