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We provide actionable solutions to make data driven solutions for your business.

About Chromatus

Chromatus is one of the world’s top consulting firm with its top specialists helping clients to grow in long term business goals. Chromatus, for past 10 years has been continuously observing, collecting and analyzing data with latest market trends. It has provided us to have an ultimate edge over the competitors in understanding and interpreting the business problems. We make a meaningful and actionable influence on our clients’ businesses with the usage of our in-depth insights and detailed knowledge of the subject. This has helped numerous clients in building strong brand value driving marketing efficiency.

Our innovative consulting and market research services with a proven framework of data collection sets us apart from the rest. Chromatus has partnered number of key brands to understand the market, analyse the competition and identify the target customers to maximize the profit in a better way. The in depth 360 degree research design has resulted in considering holistic views of all the stakeholders in the project.

Who We Are

Chromatus is a dynamic research entity who can partner or collaborate with a wide network of data collection, advertising, research and branding experts around the world, bringing added value to our clients. We are well equipped with the latest in-house data analysis tools, technologies and innovation to design flexible solutions marketers need to grow businesses.15 years of Quantitative & Qualitative Research Experience.

  • 10 years of B2B level Consulting Experience
  • Successfully completed 150+ Assignment across globe for new product launch & feasibility studies
  • A global network in more than 15 countries for data collection
  • Strong database of 250 trending topics across 12 business verticals
  • A database cluster for ready references
  • CSR & Social research experience of 5 Years

Chromatus strongly believes that current market trends and work culture is data & digitally driven one and Chromatus will assist you make most out of it, and increase your ROI.

Our Research Approach

Chromatus provides consulting and research services across industry verticals: Product Tests, Marketing Strategy, Brand Revamp, Competitor Analysis, Lead Generation, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Focus Group Discussions, CSR Implementations etc. Our global consulting business, is the only of its kind that fully emphasize on the online research clubbed with detailed interaction with the stakeholders to offer client in gaining in-depth overview of the research areas. Client have experienced gradual growth through the consumer insight-led marketing strategy. This unique approach has led Chromatus to have an added advantage over number of competitors in the field.

Chromatus further offers solutions with financial analysis for varied strategic product launch, feasibility and marketing challenges, having base in consumer research, with valuable insights from stakeholders in understanding the ground scenario. Our global research experts analyse and publish a wide range of B2C research reports, articles, and blog throughout the year. We also perform a series of global research studies with consumers and B2B leaders across industries, and share top-level insights with our clients in a tracker studies. The customized client demands are also catered with Chromatus.

Why Us

Chromatus Consulting is a commercial institute pioneering in market and socio research. We deploy best in class market and social research services plus consultancy programs for the betterment of society by implementing our innovations for the success of an organization. We always measure our success ratio with our client’s success in terms of socioeconomic status.

Chromatus Research is a global reach market and socio research institute that serves a broad mix of leading and start-ups, private, public and social sector. The services and solutions offered by us help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals.

We feel proud of our self for being one of the fact-based markets and social research company. Where-in traditional methodology and advanced technological approaches are implemented by invigilating the need for a particular project. hand in hand. Original information gathered through our own efforts of extensive primary research is the major focus for us to keep our data repositories updated with fact-based information, further validating by our premium industry expert panelist.

Our commercial research institute is highly equipped with hi-tech software’s, analytical and automation tools which boost the accuracy level of complex data findings. Completely dedicated and professional Team of research savvy experienced in a particular industry vertical makes us more confident and comfortable while providing complete practical and commercial assistance, tailored to the needs of private businesses, family businesses, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. Much like a personal consultant, we will support your firm with our services and solutions in every moment and in every situation, so that you can fully focus on your strategic goals.

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Excellent Track Record.

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commercial institute pioneering in market and socio research

This is a short description elaborating the reason that you have mentioned above. Tell them why you are good!

Completely dedicated and professional Team of research savvy

This is a short description elaborating the reason that you have mentioned above. Tell them why you are good!