Consumer Insights

Businesses with quality data are more likely to collect actionable customer insights, which can help them grow their bottoms line in the long run.

Consumer Insights

It has been observed that the consumer markets are the key marketplaces in which all goods, products, and services are sold to the end-users or for the general consumer. Every item consumer purchase it belongs to a definite targeted consumer group.

Chromatus suggests there are key four types of consumer buying behaviour. They are:

  1. Programmed Behavior/ Unprogrammed (Routine) Responses
  2. Minimal Decision Making
  3. Extensive Decision Making
  4. Act of Impulse Buying

Chromatus helps in interpreting the ultimate respondents’ data for a marketer to gain an in-depth consumer perception of the purchasing patterns, decision making etc. We with the help of tracking studies, statistical modelling for analysis of human behaviours allowing marketers to really understand their consumers need and demands, and most significantly, how and why they feel this particular way.

Once we conduct research on consumer insight, it has helped marketers in improving the effectiveness of company communication towards its customers, which ultimately likely to change consumer behaviour, and therefore increasing sales. But collecting good consumer insights can be challenging, Chromatus helps you in conducting the same .


Exploring Consumer Insights with Chromatus –

Any marketer wants to have an understanding of the consumers and the factors influencing a trier/purchase and contributing to the repeat purchase. We help in achieving the ultimate goal of any marketer to identify the consumers, to reach the end-users in a more innovative way and find a way to influence their buying decisions.

It is important for a marketer to establish what they want to achieve from the research:

Chromatus will help you in performing a consumer survey as per the client’s objective.

Chromatus Identifies the research resources, helps in building questionnaires, collecting data, and analysing the same. We perform with precision by the following method 

  • Systematic Data Collection Method with the dedicated team
  • In-house app-based method along with our 700+ panellist for data collection for a specific audience base.
  • Tapping the same Existing consumers for tracking studies
  • Email Surveys, Telephonic Interviews, Face to Face Interviews, CLT method for data collection.
  • A focus groups study for conducting qualitative research.

Chromatus will use the benchmark studies to analyse the data. Further, we will make sure company’s efforts are not going to waste and achieves maximum results on a longer run. For a marketer, it is important to plan and think ahead. Because once Chromatus provides detailed data, it will help in building the strategies, and key initiatives that will help in achieving long term goals for a marketer.

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