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Big Data Solutions Providers

“One stop solution for the plethora of huge database”

Chromatus strongly believes that it is hard to imagine broad and large-scale research without using Big Data Solutions. In recent years, Big Data Solutions is one of the key trending topics in the entire industry verticals across the globe. Chromatus will help you to offer big data solutions for taking a long-term strategic decision.

Big data solutions are an important tool since the marketers are constantly tracking consumer perceptions and adopting strategies in this fast-moving digitized world. The large amount of data collected is growing at an exponential rate. Thus, the key hurdle for any marketer is to collect, manage, categorise this data set. And the next step to conduct data validation and analysis of the same data in a meaningful manner. Chromatus has helped clients in realizing the riddles unseen in this ‘Big Data’ which is the key factor in formulating and driving future growth strategies in this competitive world.

We are one of the catalysts offering Big Data solutions in the last 2 years. We have a team that has strong expertise in providing Big Data Analytics solutions with multiple technology platforms. Statistics played a crucial part throughout the entire Data Analytics Lifecycle. Chromatus has over the years used statistical techniques, data modelling in data model building, and planning. Identifying the best inputs for the modelling and ultimately recommending the client’s key growth questions. Our data scientist experts have addressed critical data models to pave a way for companies that are facing challenges in business.

The ultimate goal for Chromatus is to help marketers implementing the Big Data technology and guide through the large volume of data. Further to utilize data analytics & market insights in making valid, correct strategic business decisions in order to take actionable operational steps. Chromatus has a strong team of experts having expertise with various data visualization and analytics tools like Tableau, SAS, and R.  

Our Key Services Include :

  • Formulating Strategies
  • Offering use case scenarios
  • Data Mining & Modelling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics